Comments added to this page are from people who have tried one of my skibikes at the slopes. They are commenting on their experience.

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  1. Rodica says:

    I can’t believe how much fun I had skibiking. It was easy to learn, and I loved it so much I went a second time. Ric was an outstanding instructor. Patient and knowledgeable. I felt safe throughout the entire day. I highly recommend skibiking. You’ll love it!

  2. Andrew T says:

    Went out with Ric on my first trip up to a ski hill ever. Super easy to learn. Ric is a great instructor who guides you to learn fast but safely. Had an awesome day, great snow. Ric let me ride several of the bikes he made. All were really smooth rides and were really fast. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

  3. Andrew k says:

    Had an awesome time learning to ski bike! Ric is a great teacher with lots of patience and knowledge. Ski biking might seem a little intimidating at first but it’s super easy to learn. After one or two runs I felt pretty comfortable and in control enough to really enjoy the experience. Over all it was a great day and I can’t wait to do it again!


  4. Dave K says:

    just wanted to thank you for an amazing day on the hill! My story is that I’ve been skiing for sometime and last year had a complete Achilles tendon rupture while skiing. That coupled with major back surgery in 2012 and a second degree separated shoulder, it was time to find something easier on my body. The hill is a huge part of my family time with about 40+ days a year on the hill. I wanted to find something that would keep me on the slopes and the search ended up with Ric and one of his bikes. I had a great time and can confirm that Ric is passionate about ski biking, which translates into his ability to teach the sport. I’m not sure I can can completely hang up my skis but I’ve found an option that is much kinder to this beat up bag of bones! Looking at which bike to add!
    Thanks again Ric.
    Dave K

  5. Kevin says:

    Hey Ric,

    I really would like to thank you again!
    You showed me how to ride the ski-bike and you made that day to one of my favorite snow-days!
    When you said to me it is super easy to learn, I actually thought: “No this can´t be true…”, and I have been wrong.
    It was super easy to learn and it was just amazing!
    And I am definetly addicted to it and I am looking forward to ride it again!!!
    I highly recommend it to everyone, just give it a try and you´ll be amazed.

    At this point I don´t need to say anything more than…
    Thank you for the great day I had with you and the bike!


  6. tom says:

    Two weeks ago I plunged into a lesson with Ric. First of Ric you were an outgoing engaging embasidor with a ton of knowledge. I got every question answered and knew at the end of the day exactly what I needed to do next. As for the biking, it was epic. It was easy on this old guys body and the wipe outs were very forgiving. I totally, enjoyed this and will start building my own bike.

  7. tom says:

    I went out last weekend and had a blast. My compliments go out to an incredibly skilled tutor and warm embasidor of this new sport. Dont ever try this with out a lesson. It was easy to ride and felt great on the old joints. I had a blast and will start building a bike of my own.

    “just try it”

  8. Michael L. says:


    I tried skibiking back in November when I was visiting from Texas. Great experience. Loved it. Would love to do it again.

  9. Larry M. says:

    I don’t have a background in skiing or snowboarding, but I went out to try skibiking anyway. Well I loved it so much I went out a second time with Ric. He’s a great instructor and I learned so quickly. Thinking about having him build one for me. What a blast!

  10. Kevin F. says:

    Been meaning to come to the site and leave a message. I usually snowboard, but when Ric gave me the opportunity to try skibiking I couldn’t pass it up. What an amazing experience. So fun and fast, but yet surprisingly easy to learn. I had a blast and can recommend it to anyone looking for something new and exciting to try. I’d love to go again!

  11. Cass says:

    If anyone is looking for a fun filled bike ride this is the way to go. Easy to learn and a nice way to spend some time on the slopes. Had a blast and cant wait to go again!!!!!

  12. Jeremy says:

    Ric, thank you for an insanely awesome 4 hour ski bike experience! What a fantastic teacher you are. After being tired from boarding the previous three days, ski biking was the perfect way to round off my visit to Sunshine. Hope to catch you on the slopes again soon Ric, might even dress up as an elf to complement your Santa outfit!

  13. Sharp21 says:

    Thanks again for showing me the ropes! The Diggity Droid bike rides so nice and I spent the rest of the weekend wishing I had my own to ride…

    The quality of these bikes is top notch and I can’t wait to take delivery of mine!


  14. Jeff says:

    What an awesome experience. Fast and furious! the bike that can go!

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